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Architectural Consultancy

If you are looking for the best online architecture consultancy, your search ends here. We are Architects, a group of expert architects boasting of 15 years of experience in the field of planning and architecture. Our team consists of some of the best architects today and this is the reason why we have been doing some of the most outstanding projects, including residential planning, township planning, school building designs, landscape designing, temple designing, high rise apartment design, high end villas and cottage design, etc.

We have a range of architecture consultancy services like designs for hotels, high rise apartments, hospital buildings, marriage gardens, resort, houses, shopping malls, etc. There are plenty of other services as well, which might interest you like an opportunity for you to upload your design, so we can incorporate it into our design. You will be totally surprised to know there're the architects who handle the wide range of projects, right from the new architecture services, to supervision services, to documentation services, turnkey services and interior design services.

Depending on our Client's requirement, we provide expert services across the entire lifecycle of a project. Starting from establishing a budget and development of the project brief to master/site planning, architectural and engineering design. Later, procurement and cost management services and all the way up to providing high degree of resourcefulness during construction & commissioning.

We take care to include the furniture layout, the landscape design, electrical design layout as well as on site visit as some of the services. Apart from this, your design is made completely according to your needs and can be revised multiple times. This all depends on scope of project and this will be good if you meet some of them and see what is on offer. Many architects will discuss their projects with the prospective clients and may even do initial consultation without any cost.

We are specialized in

  • Highrise Residential Apartment Design
  • Township and High-end Villa and Cottages Design
  • Resorts and Hotel Design
  • CBSE and International School Building Design
  • Low Cost Housing Design
  • Duplex and Bungalow Design
  • Commercial Mall and Multiplex Design
  • Landscape Design of Group Housing
  • Modern Villa Design
  • Hospital Design


We are also provinding other services listed below.

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